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Wild Place Trip by Josh B

We arrived at 8:45. Next we were told our groups and we got on the bus. Then we got off of the bus and we waited for them to prepare. After that we were ready. Then we saw the okapi they looked like ginger zebras. It was so hard to tell them apart. They looked like identical triplets.

Then, after that we went to see the cool wolves. We saw them in a tree and then we saw them at the bare foot trail.

Later we saw the cheetahs. They were fast… very fast. And spotty… super spotty. Their names were Brooke and Oscar.

Wild place adventure! By Rebecca

On Tuesday the 2nd of June we arrived at school as exited as could be.We where going on a school trip to the wild place.After we went to the toilet we gathered in the bus.As we traveled to Bristol we chatted away.Finally we arrived at the wild place.We nearly burst we were so excited!We got put in to groups and went through the entrance.I was with Mrs dorrington.Then we set of on our long journey.

Our first activity was the bare foot trail. It was epic. At the end of the bare foot trial was some icky mucky mud. Me and Amy went through it! At the end we washed our feet off.

Next we went to see the wolves. They were greyhound wolves. We spotted bones on the floor then we saw some of the wolves. I thought they were called greyhound wolves because they are grey and they are hounds.

A few minutes later we bumped int a different group. It was Mr Wiggall, Mrs Ashford and Miss Mills’s group. Then we turned round to see their groups climbing a twisty, turny tree. The the teachers called their groups and then we climbed to the top. I went really high! After a while we got down and started to walk again.

Before lunch we went to see the cheetahs. They were cool. They were spotty and had yellow fur. They were so fast. I thought the saddest part was that they ate bunnies and chickens because I’ve got those pets at home! Even so I still liked the cheetahs.

At last, we got lunch. I has chocolate spread sandwiches, some crisps, tomatoes, cucumbers, apple and a mini roll. When we had finished we played. I played a little bit of tag and then we got called to go and explore again.

The last thing we went to was the lemurs. I liked them the most because the were funny and cute! One of them jumped on Jasmins mum. Then me and Joel sat on the bench and a lemur jumped on the roof! I think it was a ring tailed one. Then tha was the end the trip.

Finally, we got on the bus and went back to school, got our things and went home.

Wild Place by Josh Mole

On Tuesday 27th June we went to the wild place and first we all went in the hall because we needed to know what our helpers were. After that we got on the bus and talked to the person next to us.

When we got there we walked past the entrance and we went to see the okapi. They are very striped. Next we saw wolves. They were grey wolves and looked a bit fluffy. After we went in the bare foot trail so we took our shoes off. When we all finished we had a snack because everyone was hungry.Achually before that when it was the last thing about the bear foot trail we needed to tread in …MUD! We saw merckats.

Wild place trip by Charlie

We arrived at school at 9 o’clock. First we got on the bus to go to Bristol. When we got there we saw cheeky lemurs: one nearly hit Jasmins mum in the face.

The best bit is when the cheetahs looked like they were going to chase us.

Finally it was lunchtime.Everybody was so hungry.Me and my friends.

Then we did the barefoot trail.We walked through stones and pebbles.During the barefoot trail we came to the worst bit.It was revolting.It was when we walked through the squishy mud.Next we saw very tall giraffes. They were called Tom, Jerry and Dayo.

After that, we had to go. I sat next to my friend Leo so we played eye spy. We were quite sad, however it was hometime. It was amazing!

The amazing wild place trip by Halle

On Tuesday 27 June we arrived at school.We got our bags ready and then we all went to the toilet. We picked our bags up and went on the bus and set off.

During the bus journey, me and Amelia did some drawing. Then we arrived at the wild place. We got into our groups and entered the wild place. First we went to see the okapi. Next, we went to see the wolves and the bare foot trail, however the bare foot trail really hurt my feet. At the end there was mud. Me and Miss Mills didn’t go through it. It was too muddy.

Before we went to see the meerkats, we went to see the giraffes. They were cool giraffes. They were called Jerry, Dayo and Tom. They were super cute. After that we went to see the meerkats and they were adorable. During lunch there was lots not of birds. I was sacred so I picked up my lunch and then we set off. Miss Mills’groop went to see the lemurs.We saw miss
Clarks groop when we went to see the cheatahs. They were super cute and spotty with ginger
Fur. Next we went to play. It was fun because we got to find skulls and do some climbing.


When Mummy and Sharon went to the school pool I was reading my book called Fantastic Mr Fox. I finished the whole book so when I got home I chose a new book to start reading. It is called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Hope you have had a lovely day and a very good time.

Super Tennis

At tennis I learnt how to serve and return. I did not do very well at the beginning but at the end I was doing brilliantly! I really really enjoy tennis. I cant wait until I get my own racket.

Wild place

Today the hole of ks2 went to the wild place. My favourite thing Was when we went to the bear foot trail .The bear foot trail is were ther is different things to walk on my favourite thing to walk on is the mud because it was really slouchy and it felt really cool on my feet . I also liked the play area because me and my friends played tag but I got pretty hot after we also saw monkeys that looked like they were wearing a fluffy coat and some got into a fight 😡🙉

The river snakes

Snakes like to slither
Snakes like to hunt for pray
When they find something
They think hooray they
Like to play in the river
All day they find it a great
Delight to fight with
Freinds until the end
No one nows the who will win

Fabulous Friday!

On Friday the 23rd June 2017 mercury class did some reading of the hodgeheg.IT WAS SO COOL! When I was reading a part I said traffic wrong because I wasn’t reading carefully. After that we had lunch I was packed lunch it was very yummy and delicious.😜

Western Beach

When we were there, we played in the pier arcade. I really liked it because we got lots of stuff for the beach. It was the first time I won prizes. I won a ball on the crane and a car on the 2p machine. We also made sandcastles and lots of people said “wow that is cool!”

Forest school

Yesterday in forest school we went pond dipping and found a newt with a spotty belly.
And we put him a tank . After a while we put him back in the water . We also found a toad that had his legs bent behind him we didn’t pick him up with the net because they have senstive skin.

Little mix

Last night me, my antie and my sister and my mum went to watch Little Mix.
But before they were on, there were 2 other bands, Shepherd and Ella Eyre.
Little Mix were the best. I sang and danced all night long.
After, we went to Mcdonalds. My Uncle was being funny and said he loves Perrie from Little Mix.

In the evening

Today after school I
got in the pool
with my brother and
we played guess
what animal I am.
It was really fun
Then we got oUt .
To play with are
Lego cards(I have
63)but I am far
Away from what
I need to get
After. We got back
Into the pool for a play
Then we had to get out for dinner

When i go on holiday by Maddie

I am going on holiday this Thursday and i am so exsited it’s unbelivible. On Friday i am very exited because i get to go in the huge pool. The water slide is a huge pirot ship whith two long white slides coming down into the deep pool. It is going to be about 35 degreece and i am going to be BOILING.

A poem about the river snake

In the river a snake that did slither,

I was watching a frog I started to dither.

I heard a loud voice that said come hither,

And that was the snake that I saw in the river.

The snake was long, fat and brown,

I decided I would run into town.

I’m glad I did cos It was said to me,

He would have gobbled me up with a glass of ice tea.