The Baby Pleaser

Do you suffer from a baby crying? If so use the baby pleaser and soon she will be happy.

How does it work?

To start the machine running you press the speshal button. As a result will start to werk. It makes mum happy.

What about the washing?

If the machine begins to break turn the best wheel. It washes all of the baby clothes.

What can this amazing machine do?

The machine can turn on the TV for the baby. It can bounce the baby when it is sad makes them happy. It changes the stinky nappy.

Use one of these amazing machines because it will help mum and baby. The more you use it the more mum will be happy.

(Typed up by Miss Mills)

The pet pleaser

Tuesday 5th December 2017
Do you suffer from a dirty dog? You should use the pet pleaser
because it will be a big help to your dogs life.

How does the pet pleaser machine work?

First to make it work lift up the niting and scan your hand.
Next when you scan your hand glitter explodes out on to your head.

What if the pet pleaser slows down?

If the machine slows down scan your hand again.When you scan your hand again treats will come out from a bucket.

What  can the machine do?

The huge amazing machine can pick up poo so it doesn’t stink. Then it feeds my dog so she isn’t going to be hungry. Last it gives my dog a shower so they aren’t dirty.


The more you use it the more your dog will be happy because it does loads for her.



The Kid Pleaser

Do you suffer from a naughty kid? If so use the kid Pleaser and soon your kid will be the best kid in the world.

How does it work?

To start the machine running you need to pull the rainbow lever. As a result the machine will keep your room tidy. It makes children happy and relaxed.

What do you do if it breaks?

You feed it candy. To turn the best feature on you need to press the green button. The best feature is it gives you cola bottles.

What else can this amazing thing do?

The machine can sweep up your bedroom, because it will make you happy. The more you use it, the more you will be joyful.


Rebecca’s poem

Our teacher told us it’s always good to have an open mind. Then our teacher told us to dig in the sand.

Then our teacher dug a hole in the sand while the children stared at him like a still bin .

then they smelt it Moldy cheese.

Then they headed it an earpearcing noise.

Then suddenly a coulorfull slimy creature pounced at our teacher then attacked him.

Then the teachers head dissapered into the monster.

but unnfortunetly the monster couldn’t swallow our teacher.

He didn’t act like a sir.

when he came out he was covered in revolting goo.

No one helped him the children just left.





A monster ate our teacher. By cole

Our teacher said it’s always good to have a good mind .

Then he told us,”go check the dark scary cave and see what he left behind.

His head was growing as he pushed the stone out of the way.

“Identify what you see “he said they found treasure on the away.

It was just as he spoke when we smelt it,A scent,like gingerbread.

A scent , just like apple.

A wolf ate our teacher!

Our teacher said its always good to have a strong mind then he told us to check the dark ,and goowy ,slimy,wet cave let’s see what’s inside.

The muscles on his rist was bowing up and down.As he pushing a big rock out of the way indenting what you see he called “note it down on your piece of paper straight away.

It was just when I wrote it down when I smelt it a stench like something sweet.A sticky something the word had forgotten.

In front of us snaking up from the cave sweet smell .Got closer and closer it looked yummy       It and it said “give me all of your money “.That scoffed up our teacher.

Lucas’s poem

Our teacher said that it’s always good

to have a brain ,

Then  he told us “Go check the park

to see if you can get a candycane.”


The  muscles on his arm  where bulging

as he pushed sand out of the way

“write down what  you’ve  looked at,”he shouted

“Note it down on some clay.”


It was just as he spoke when he smelt it,

A stench  like some jelly,

A wobbling,massive and squishy creature

Like something  with a big belly

























































































































Warren’s best work

A monster Ate our Teacher By  warren .

our teacher said it’s always good to have a inquisitive mind. Then he told us to go check the rock lake behind.His arms were growing bigger as he pushed a rock out of the way identify what you see he said and put your phone away .It was just as he spoke when he smelt it a smell like a trashbin a  colourful    creature

like a rainbow tin.































































Tye’s poem

A bird ate our teacher by swallowing. Our teacher said that’s it’s  always good to have a good mind. Then he told us”Go check the jungle hole in the trees behind. His musucle as he push a rock then of his way.

Identify what you see  he shouted Kai  what a walked away.

It was as just as talked we smelt it sm hey smell like fresh chips and scary,evil   Monster Like some  lips.

Olivia’s poem

Our teacher said it’s good
to have an imagination,
then he told us “Go see the dustbins,”
he said “Have some sensation.”

The children’s hands were full of hope,
as he pulled the lid off.
“Concentrate” he said.
“Don’t use the cloth!”

It was just as he spoke he smelt it,
A scent it smelt like candyland,
a fluffy, colourful, crazy creature.
It had lots of bands.

Snaking up the drain,
was a happy hideous creature
with a big tongue
and up went our teacher!

I didn’t actually see him disappear,
I was looking away at the bins,
but his trainers were sticking out.
In his trainers there were pins.

But the teacher must of given this creature
a tummy ache.
To digest him was hard,
our teacher soon came out of his tummy and into the lake.

He gagged out of his mouth
our teacher he was sad.
He was covered in pink goo
he felt really bad.

None of us moved to help him
as he wiped the goo from his arm.
We looked and sniggered
as he flicked the goo it went around the corner to the farm!

Sophie’s Poem

Our teacher said that it’s always good

to have a smart mind,

the teacher said “Go and check the hamster cage”

and the teacher went to the side.


The children’s eyes were wide

as the teacher opened the door

“Poppy don’t be poor”


It was just as he moved

a disgusting smell popped into his nose,

it was an egg smell

like smelly toes!


The monster crept up and

gobbled up our teacher!


Alfie’s Poem

Our teacher said it’s always good
to have an inquisitive mind,
then he told us “Go check the jungle,
and see what the campers left behind!”

The face on his hand was going red
as he a pushing a big log out of his way.
“Identify what you see” he said.
“and please don’t be a pain!”

It was just as he spoke when he smelt it,
a smell like something lovely.
A wobbling mass of wet green skin,
At the time I was eating a jubbly.

In front of us, snaking up from the ground,
was a nice looking snake,
with a small black hole of a mouth.
He said “do I have to bake a cake?”

I didn’t see him go,
I was having a snack at the time,
I was so sad at the time,
because there was clearly a sign.

A Monster Ate Our Teacher – Our Class Poem!

Our teacher said that it’s always good
to have an inquisitive mind,
then he told us, “Go check the dark, slimy sewers,
and let’s see what you can find.”

The children’s eyes were wide
as the teacher lifted the drain,
“Identify what you see,” he said.
“And Bobby don’t be a pain!”

It was just as he spoke that we smelt it,
A scent, just like honey,
A wobbly, fluffy creature,
who wants to steal all your money!


I am making a blanket out of crochet with rainbow yarn.


yarn,crochet stick.


Tie a knot around the crochet stick and then put some yarn around the crochet stick near to the top. Then put the knot over the top of the crochet stick. Finally keep on doing that and you will have a chain!












Animal ryhmes

mrs snake can bake a cake in the middle of a lake. Mr mouse lives in a house with a wood louse. Mrs sheep has a horn that goes beep in the middle of her heap. Mr dog loves the fog same as the water hog. Mrs cat was holding a baseball bat and wearing a hat. Mr frog had a dog that loved the fog. Mrs fish had a dish that was full of fish.

Leah’s poems

Mrs cat had a bat flying loudly around in a hat.

Mrs leopard had a shepherd that liked to wear pink nickers.

Mrs nog has a frog that likes to hog  the big brown log.

Mrs naff had a giraffe that had a bath in a orange raff.

Mrs morse had a horse that troubled down the cors.

Mrs landa has a panda that did loads of stanzas in his own book.

by Leah Myers


Where Our Teachers Keep Their Pets

Mercury class wrote their own poem’s today. Here is our class poem:

Where Our Teachers Keep Their Pets
by Mercury class

Mrs Frog has a hog, running weirdly on a log.
Mr Drake has a snake, who happily baked a cake.
Mr Woodlouse has a mouse, chomping cheese quickly.
Mr Mouse has a woodlouse that would love a house.
Mr Porsche has a horse, who ran away to a racecourse.
Mr Bat has a cat, who sat on a mat.
Mrs Dog has a pet frog, sleeping around a shining, dazzling pond.
Miss Cat was holding a baseball bat and wearing a hat.
Mr Lake has a snake, who lived happily in a lake.
Mr Shoot has a newt, swimming in his suit.
Mr Hat has a cat, rolling happily on a mat.
Mrs Cake has a snake, squabbling about a cake.
Mr Shake has a pet snake, slithering and zigzagging around the shiny, bright blue lake.
Miss Leopard has a shepherd that wore pink knickers.
Mr Box has a fox that is wearing colourful socks.
Mr Rare has a bear waddling through the fair.
Miss Cake has a snake, living through an earthquake.
Mr Force has a horse, who gallops nicely around the racecourse.
Mrs Shake has a snake, slithering slowly down the lake.
Mr Louse has a mouse, who squeaks loudly in the house.
Mr Cake has a pet snake, swirling swiftly around a wavy, dazzling lake.