A Monster Ate Our Teacher – Our Class Poem!

Our teacher said that it’s always good
to have an inquisitive mind,
then he told us, “Go check the dark, slimy sewers,
and let’s see what you can find.”

The children’s eyes were wide
as the teacher lifted the drain,
“Identify what you see,” he said.
“And Bobby don’t be a pain!”

It was just as he spoke that we smelt it,
A scent, just like honey,
A wobbly, fluffy creature,
who wants to steal all your money!


I am making a blanket out of crochet with rainbow yarn.


yarn,crochet stick.


Tie a knot around the crochet stick and then put some yarn around the crochet stick near to the top. Then put the knot over the top of the crochet stick. Finally keep on doing that and you will have a chain!












Animal ryhmes

mrs snake can bake a cake in the middle of a lake. Mr mouse lives in a house with a wood louse. Mrs sheep has a horn that goes beep in the middle of her heap. Mr dog loves the fog same as the water hog. Mrs cat was holding a baseball bat and wearing a hat. Mr frog had a dog that loved the fog. Mrs fish had a dish that was full of fish.

Leah’s poems

Mrs cat had a bat flying loudly around in a hat.

Mrs leopard had a shepherd that liked to wear pink nickers.

Mrs nog has a frog that likes to hog  the big brown log.

Mrs naff had a giraffe that had a bath in a orange raff.

Mrs morse had a horse that troubled down the cors.

Mrs landa has a panda that did loads of stanzas in his own book.

by Leah Myers


Where Our Teachers Keep Their Pets

Mercury class wrote their own poem’s today. Here is our class poem:

Where Our Teachers Keep Their Pets
by Mercury class

Mrs Frog has a hog, running weirdly on a log.
Mr Drake has a snake, who happily baked a cake.
Mr Woodlouse has a mouse, chomping cheese quickly.
Mr Mouse has a woodlouse that would love a house.
Mr Porsche has a horse, who ran away to a racecourse.
Mr Bat has a cat, who sat on a mat.
Mrs Dog has a pet frog, sleeping around a shining, dazzling pond.
Miss Cat was holding a baseball bat and wearing a hat.
Mr Lake has a snake, who lived happily in a lake.
Mr Shoot has a newt, swimming in his suit.
Mr Hat has a cat, rolling happily on a mat.
Mrs Cake has a snake, squabbling about a cake.
Mr Shake has a pet snake, slithering and zigzagging around the shiny, bright blue lake.
Miss Leopard has a shepherd that wore pink knickers.
Mr Box has a fox that is wearing colourful socks.
Mr Rare has a bear waddling through the fair.
Miss Cake has a snake, living through an earthquake.
Mr Force has a horse, who gallops nicely around the racecourse.
Mrs Shake has a snake, slithering slowly down the lake.
Mr Louse has a mouse, who squeaks loudly in the house.
Mr Cake has a pet snake, swirling swiftly around a wavy, dazzling lake.

My year in mercury

This year we had the best teacher ever my funniest moment was when me and my friend fell out and we were sitting on a toy called the barge and I jumped of it and my skirt got cort on a pole and she came over and helped me. I have a best friend and she is very helpful and we always play together well when we’re friends. We also went on a trip to the wild place in Bristol. My Favourite thing to do was the bare foot trail because there was difrent things to step on.


Maddie had always been small and skinny for her age. She had dark blonde hair, green shiny eyes a round face and long legs. She always went everywhere every time she went somewhere she would bring a dance kit with her. The only thing maddie liked about her personality was she was good at dancing. She was happy like a puppy. Maddie’s family loved her.

Sharpness school invasion.

One day ago on Saturday the 30th of September there was a alien attack at shapness school onely Miss mills was at school and she only videoed some of it then ran for her life. She watched from inside because she was so so scared because they were aliens. They were attacking Miss mills she was so so scared.

All about Sean

Sean had been tall and smart for his age. He had a oval face,nice crooked knees and dark brown fluffy hair. Sean had braces because of how many times Dudley had waked him in the around the teeth. It made him bleed. The only thing he liked about him appearance was the scar on his eye shaped like a wond. How ever he was as playfull as a huge loving dog.

All about Toby

Toby has always been shiny because he is fit and plays futball once a week.He has a chubby face, little legs and shiney blue eyes. Toby was carrying around his pet called Steve. The only thing he likes is his cloths. Toby has a pointy nowse, which people make fun of him fore. Toby was as cool as gems.


Emily is tiny and skinny. Emily face was round and her eyes were shiny gold and she had bright ginger hair. She was holding a shiny gold shield and her kloveing is a sparkly bright dresse. It was sparkly red. She is as clever as a knight.

HOt Task

Chicken had always been small and clever for his age.He has  blunt horns, sharp beak and a qink udder.Chicken has no glasses,spotty legs and black scales wings.He carry a black suitcase because it’s full of chicken food.One of the things he liked was he could make milk then guzzle  it.He had feathers as bright as the moon.He had lots of friends.

All about Rachel

Rachel had always been beautifully,tall and skinny.She had a round face ,bonny knees ,shinny sleek blond heir and sparkling green eyes. Rachel wore posh cloths and carried a creamy coloured jold perse. Rachel had a nose shaped like a pirimed which she got from her dad. Rachel was very bossy and fun. She had three boy friends and three girl friends.

All about Dolphina

Dolphina was so obsessed with dolphins.She had a glittery face/ blonde hair and shiny blue eyes.She was holding some see-weed for the dolphins to eat.The only thing Dolphina liked about her appearance was she liked her dolphin scar on her cheek.However she was as happy as a dolphin with a hole reef of see-weed.